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December 2020

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Welcome to the Melodies for Remedies Club blog! This is a place where we will share information about the club, including upcoming and past events, news coverage of the club, and much more. Because this is the first post of the blog, here is a quick overview of the club: The Melodies for Remedies Club was created by The Bishop’s School student Grace Sun ‘23 during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people like seniors and people in hospitals who are isolated from their family and friends, and even more so due to the stay-at-home orders. Our mission is to bring joy to those who are lonely during this difficult time.

So far, the Melodies for Remedies Club has hosted many successful monthly online concerts in the past and we are looking forward to continuing more performances. Our concerts so far have been executed in two formats, either live performances through a Zoom link sent to around five senior homes each time (each concert lasting about an hour and a half), or a compilation of pre-recorded performances made into a video, posted on YouTube, and sent to senior homes. In the future, when it is safe and there aren’t COVID-19 restrictions, we will be able to perform live concerts in-person for senior homes. So far, we have had concerts on April 10, May 9, June 15, July 1, August 11, September 25, and October 19. Our next concert will be on Zoom and will be taking place on November 19 at 3:00 PM. Here are some examples of feedback we have received after the performances:

  • “Thank you very much for your performance. I noticed a few of our residents attended and they spoke very highly of your group. Please thank all of the musicians/performers for a wonderful event. Keep us in mind for future performances.”

  • “I'm circulating the link, what lovely music!!! I even sent it to my family in Malibu!!”

  • “The residents really enjoyed it! You guys did a great job. Thank you!”

So far, this club has 34 members, and we continue to grow. Our leadership committee led by the founder, Grace Sun, also has many members, including two website managers (Bela Gowda ‘24 and me, Bhadra Rupesh ‘24), an outreach manager (Emma Li ‘22), a communications manager (Athena Zapantis ‘23), and a social media manager (Elizabeth Jin ‘24), and we are gaining more people to fill in more positions.

Finally, the Melodies for Remedies Club has been featured in The Bishop’s School news once and we hope to get more coverage soon through outreach, social media, and more performance. Click here for the link to the news article on the Bishop’s home page.

We will be updating this blog at least once a month with a new post, and we will have various authors to write the following posts. Check this website to see when the next post comes out. Thank you for reading!


Bhadra Rupesh ‘24

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