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Grace Sun is a senior at The Bishop's School. She founded the Melodies for Remedies Club in May 2020. She has played the piano for 10 years. She enjoys listening to the classical music of Camille Saint-Saens and Debussy.


Elizabeth Jin

Vice President


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Sabrina Li

Operations Manager


Sabrina is a current junior at The Bishop's School. She has played the piano for 9 years. Her favorite genre to play is classical.

Grace Sun

Elizabeth Jin is a junior from the Bishop’s School. She has been singing for 8 years and has participated in Bishop’s Singers, SCVA, and Western Division Regional Choir. In her free time she loves drawing, doing taekwondo, and bookbinding.


Bhadra Rupesh

Website Manager


Bhadra is a junior at the Bishop's School. She has been playing the piano for 8 years and the violin for 6 years. She loves to sing, and has training in western singing, Carnatic and Hindustani singing, and used to be a member of the Bishop's Singers choir. She enjoys writing and composing songs in her free time.


Maria Wang

Maria is a senior at Canyon Crest Academy. She has played the cello for 7 years and loves works of the romantic era. She enjoys to sing in her free time.

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Oviya Dhinakar

Outreach Manager


Oviya is a sophomore at The Bishop’s School. She has been trained in classical singing for many years. 

Ambassador: Canyon Crest Academy



Emma Li


Joseph Aguilar


Athena Zapantis

Emma Li is a freshman at Cornell University. She has been playing flute for over seven years and piano for over ten years. Emma enjoys playing concertos and flute duos, but also likes Romantic works for piano.

Ambassador: Cornell University


Joseph is a freshman at Yale University. He was a member of the Bishop’s Singers and the Starry Knights Barbershop Quartet Club, which he founded. He has been involved in performing arts as a singer and actor since elementary school. Joseph especially enjoys connecting across generations with songs by “crooners” such as Frank Sinatra, Bing Cosby, Nat King Cole and Michael Buble.

Ambassador: Yale University


Ambassador: Northgate High School

Pianist/Clarinetist/Flautist/Alto and Tenor Saxophonist

Athena is a senior at Northgate High School. She has played classical piano for ten years, and picked up clarinet, tenor sax, alto sax, and flute along the way. Athena's favorite genres to play are classical and jazz.


Jared Klinghoffer

Ambassador: USC



Shengyao Liu

Ambassador: Lake Oswego High School



Kyle Tianshi

Ambassador: The Cambridge School


Jared Klinghoffer is a trumpet player from College Park High School in the California Bay Area. He enjoys both classical and jazz music and loves sharing his passion for music with others."

Kyle Tianshi is a junior at the Cambridge School. He plays piano and enjoys composing and improvising classical music. Chopin, Rachmaninov, and Beethoven are his favorite composers.

ShengYao is a senior at Lake Oswego High School, OR. She has played the piano for 8 years. Her favorite composers are Chopin and Beethoven.

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Alex Kuncz

Ambassador: USC

Oboist/Tenor Singer

Alex is a student at the University of Southern California. He enjoys singing classical pieces from Bach.

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Paul Madany

Ambassador: UCSD


Paul is a freshman at UCSD. He enjoys playing piano in his free time and loves listening to French composers like Debussy.

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Cynthia Li

Ambassador: Cornell University


Cynthia is a sophomore at Cornell University, and she loves dancing to K-Pop and pop music covers. She is part of the Cornell E.Motion Dance Group.

International Ambassadors

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Angad Sinha

Ambassador: Ryan International School, Dehli, India


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Julius Thieroff

Ambassador: Kings College, London, UK


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Radha Kundu

Ambassador: Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane, India


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